Wine Glasses

Life is filled with amazing and memorable moments: the first kiss, graduating from university, getting your first job and traveling to another country are just a few that many people look forward to. But a few months back, my friend experienced one of his most memorable moments so far: getting married to the one he loves. Needless to say, our entire group of friends was beyond ecstatic once he told us the great news, and rightfully so as they had been together for over six years. We were also just excited to be all going to our first wedding and spending time with each other, a couple of friends who had known each other since grade school.

But though the celebrations are a time of fun filled memories, there was one thing that was constantly nagging me in the back of my mind: what gift to buy. There were a myriad of potential gift options: everything from picture frames to wall arts to fancy, decorative cutlery. However, there was one gift that I knew would top all else: elegant pinot noir wine glasses. With my friend being someone with an exquisite taste in aromatic, expensive wines, this gift was a no brainer. The pure elegance and craft that was put into creating these pristine, high quality wine glasses simply blew me away, and was definitely a great impression on my friend when he received the gift. With high quality, hand-made crystal structure, with a bold yet subtle arch of the rim, the pair of glasses was a sight to behold. And what truly made it unique and special was the custom engraving of the names of both him and his newly wed wife, a truly memorable gift for a memorable occasion. What’s also so great about these glasses is that I didn’t have to break the bank to get these beautiful pieces. And certainly, don’t let the low price fool you as there is absolutely nothing held back from ensuring the wine glasses are made with extreme care and classiness.

Even a month after the wedding took place, he still mentions the glasses from time to time, noting how special and thoughtful the gift was. Needless to say, I’m glad I chose the gift that I did, otherwise I would have probably bought why ever else did: wedding snow globes. And trust me, wedding snow globes won’t come close to how classy a delicate wine glass is.

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